Monday, August 19, 2013

Rock of Ages review by Nicole Kasprzyk of Poland

Yesterday I had the chance to see the musical "Rock of Ages" and I now have to say it’s my favorite musical. From the first drum beat and guitar strum I was hooked on the 80s rock. This show is filled with comedy, romance, drama, and everything else you can think of. The way they show their story line with narration is incredible! The cast never skipped a note and kept their energy and witty humor throughout the entire show! This show may not be appropriate for all ages but it brings you right back to the 80s. Don't miss your chance to see this musical of rock in your hometown tonight at 7:30 at the Stanley Theater in Utica. 

Rock of Ages review by Jaclyn Courter of Milford

"Can't Stop Believing!" Was the song of the night as theatre dwellers left the Stanley Theatre Tuesday night! The original musical Rock Of Ages had the crowd on their feet, hands in the air, and feet tapping to the 80's classics like, "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" "I Cant Fight This Feeling" and many, many more! This upbeat and hilarious show kept you on the edge of your seat from the first explode of fog machines.

The introduction of the hard rocking characters drew the audience into the 80's lifestyle on the L.A. Sunset strip. From rockers to hippies this show blew the audience away with their intriguing dance moves, fantastic musical performances, and lasting hilarity. The show introduced the element of a high spirited narrator, washed up rocker, and aspiring teenage heart throb. The entire show left the audience begging for more. This modern musical will last for years as it joins the books as a Broadway classic. If you missed Rock of Ages, you missed an experience not soon forgotten.

Rock of Ages review by David Peterson II of Remsen

Really enjoyed going to see Rock of Ages with the Youth Ambassador program this past week at the Stanley Theater. The choreography was spot on and the dancers were very energetic. The interaction with the audience was something that I thought was really unique and interesting. You really don't see that in a lot of shows and I think it really makes this show stick out. I liked how they were able to incorporate hit pop/rock songs of the 80s into a score and create a show from it. The vocals . . . they were sooo good!! 

Rock of Ages review by Hannah Wagner of West Canada

What can be said about Rock of Ages, other than it rocked!  This exciting, upbeat show had everyone singing along and non-stop laughing.  With classic hits included in it such as: Don't Stop Believin', Hit Me With Your Best Shot, We're Not Gonna Take It, and many more, this show appealed to the crowd the entire time.  With the constant energy throughout the cast members, this show was anything but drab!  Whether, you were reminiscing, or just enjoying the music, Rock of Ages was a definite crowd pleaser!  The sets were fantastic, the script was hilarious, and everything was executed in an unbelievable way.  The cast continued to have energy throughout the show and that really kept the audience excited.  Also, the vocal and dance talent in this show was astounding!  Every note and every move kept the audience wanting to see and hear more and more.  The show was a little surprising at times with its risqué movements or language, but it definitely contributed to the reality of the story.  All in all this show was a lot of fun and most certainly one of the more popular shows on the stage.  Thanks to the Broadway Theatre League of Utica and the Bank of Utica for allowing my fellow ambassadors and I to experience incredible opportunities like this!  Thank you also for allowing us to introduce and present ourselves on the stage!  It was an amazing experience and absolutely a night I will never forget!

Rock of Ages review by Christine Lee of Adirondack

Rock of Ages was by far the most unique musical I have seen so far. The story revolved around the ideas of fighting for your beliefs, following your dreams, and finding your true love, which are all relatable and beautiful “mottos” to live by. The audience was able to truly connect with the pain and joy of the actors on stage because we all have experienced these emotions some time in our lives. In addition to the audience members appreciating the story line, we were also given the opportunity to travel back to the very memorable and distinctive 1980s. The scenery and the costuming brought an extremely vivid visual aspect to the entire performance. However, these components are not how this musical obtains its many fans-- it is the music! Rock of Ages is especially known for its high energy, classic rock anthems.The performers did an absolutely phenomenal job with their interpretations of these musical numbers and their vocal ranges were showcased perfectly. With all of the dancing and singing by audience members, the Stanley Theater exerted enough energy to light up downtown Utica! By the end of the show, I felt beyond ready to jump out of my seat and give that performance the praise it deserved! As a final statement, I truly appreciated how the actors were able to break the barrier between the stage and the audience. This in itself provided for some absolutely hysterical lines and it allowed for us to feel completely involved in the magic musical theater produces. Congratulations to the actors and everyone involved for creating a spectacular performance!