Monday, October 20, 2014

Annie Review by Abby Griffin of New Hartford

Exactly a week ago, the @broadwaytheatreleagueofuica presented the timeless musical; Annie at the Stanley Center for the Arts. Music lovers everywhere grew up with this classic story of a rambunctious orphan who finds out that no one is an orphan for long. It was a memorable show that will remain in the hearts of all who experienced its wonder.

Annie was portrayed by little Issie Swickle. Her sweet melodious voice filled the theatre with classics like Tomorrow and Maybe. Though Annie has been played by famous names like Sarah Jessica Parker and Aileen Quinn, Swickle put her own personal spin on the role. Her lines and songs were all performed with her own personality. Swickle was joined by six of the most adorable “orphans” who added laughs and pizzaz. The abundance of young talent was astounding to say the least. Gilgamesh Tagget or Daddy Warbucks, and Lynn Andrews or Miss Hannigan added humor and love to the story of or beloved Annie. Every cast member smiled through the whole production and the dedication of the cast was truly inspirational.

Annie was a technical show. It had numerous large sets and smaller pieces that went along with the sets. The crew moved every piece around with such finesse, it was difficult to distinguish the transitions. The fluidity was like nothing I had seen before. The amount of movement was unbelievable and it was executed perfectly. The beaming cast moved about the ever-changing sets and it made out to be a one-of-a-kind experience. In fact, on “Christmas Day” it snowed in the windows of the set!

From the cast to the sets to the producers and directors, Annie was a show that I will never forget. For a few hours the audience was transported to the 1930s, living one of the most treasured stories of all time.

I’d like to thank the @broadwaytheatreleagueofutica for presenting such an entertaining show and also thank them for this wonderful experience that is YAP. It is so important to advocate for the arts and the youth of our community and this program is such an amazing chance to be a part of it all. I would also like to thank our wonderful sponsor the Bank of Utica. Be sure to join us at the next show:Elf the Musical. It is sure to be a fun holiday treat. The shows are scheduled in November so get your tickets while you can! I’m so excited to see where this program takes us throughout the 2014-2015 season, and Annie was just the beginning!

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