Thursday, December 11, 2014

Elf Review by Miranda Dornburgh of Holland Patent

 "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear" and that's exactly what the whole cast and crew of Elf did this past Monday and Tuesday night at the Stanley Theater!! I was highly surprised at the fact that Elf the musical followed the movie so spot on. Almost every quotable line was tossed in to make the musical even that more memorable.

Daniel Patrick Smith or as the North Pole knows him as buddy the elf was a perfect fit for this role. He was so energetic and enthusiastic that he had us all believing in Santa again! While buddy is in New York City he stops at the Macy's section of their North Pole. He shows them tips on how to make the store "Sparklejollytwinklejingley" and is stopped at the end in awe at no one other then the talented Jovie. Jovie is played by a Ms. Daryn Harrell who has a power house voice. She also made the full house at the Stanley look at her as if she held the Christmas spirit.

The set designs let me down a little when I saw them all look as if they have been drawn right from a cartoon. The costumes though done by a crafty man named Gregg Barnes, put a perfect touch on the elves. They all wore bright popping colors, just as a little jolly elf should. The small pit band had a strong and filling sound the entire performance. The songs fit well with the musical, so Christmassy and jolly they had me still humming the tunes when I left. The song that will surly stick with every family and have them in the Christmas spirit is when they sang "The Story of Buddy the Elf". This song was so heartwarming and touching. This musical brought the Christmas cheer to Mohawk Valley. I'm so ready for Christmas now. Oh and to see Santa and say "I know him!!" And maybe sing him a few Christmas-grams while I'm at it.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Bank of Utica who let the Youth ambassadors experience such amazing shows at the Stanley Theater!! This was a great kick off to my holiday season!! I encourage all of you folks to watch the movie if you get the chance too. Also I would suggest that you all take a trip to the Stanley on January 27 or 28 and see the next musical "Nice Work if you can get it"!! @broadwaytheaterleagueofutica #BTLYAP

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